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 2017 May - Latest Contact Details for Schools in the Eastern Cape (Download)



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 Rpt-01-02-002  Address list of Public Ordinary Schools (Updated 29 January 2014) Pdf   2,1 Mb
 Rpt-01-02-003  Address list of Special schools  Pdf  0.2 Mb
 Rpt-01-02-004  Early Childhood Development Centres  Pdf  0.2 Mb
 Rpt-01-02-005 ABET Address list   Pdf  
 Rpt-01-02-006  FET Colleges Address list  Pdf  0.1 Mb
 Rpt-01-02-008 Secondary schools address list   Pdf  0.3 Mb
 Rpt-01-02-012 Section 21 and 21 schools   Pdf 1.09 Mb 
 Rpt-01-02-019 Masterfile - Adult basic education   Pdf  
 Rpt-01-02-020 Masterfile - ECD Centres  Pdf  
 Rpt-01-02-021 Masterfile - Special Schools  Pdf  
 Rpt-01-02-023 Masterfile - Full Service Schools  Pdf   
 Rpt-01-02-024 Masterfile - Independent Schools   Pdf  
 Rpt-01-02-031 Masterfile - Agricultural schools     
 Rpt-01-02-033 Masterfile - Schools with boarding     
 Funding Norms      
 Rpt-01-10-001(s) Funding Norms Summary     
 Rpt-01-10-001 (d) Funding Norms Detail     
 Annual Survey (Ordinary)      
02-02-0001  Enrollment per Grade per District per Year    
02-02-0001 -  Enrollment per Grade per School.    
 02-02-004 -  Gender Parity Index     
 Rpt-02-02-001 Enrollment by grade and year     
 Rpt-02-02-006 Enrollment summary by grade and year     
 Rpt-02-02-007 Secondary enrollment (Summary)    
02-02-007 -  Enrollment Secondary    
 Rpt-02-02-007  Secondary enrollment (Detail)    
02-02-008 -  Enrollment in Primary Schools    
 Rpt-02-02-008 Primary enrollment    
02-02-009  Enrollment grade R    
 Rpt-02-02-009  Grade R enrollment trend    
02-02-010 -  Enrollment POS (Summary)    
 Rpt-02-02-010 Public Ordinary Enrollment    
 Rpt-02-02-011 Independent School Enrollment (Detail)    
 Rpt-02-02-011 Independent School Enrollment (Summary)    
 Rpt-02-02-012 SNE learners in mainstream    
 Rpt-02-04-009 Subject Enrollment    

 Snap Survey (Ordinary)

rpt 03-03-001

SNAP Enrollment per Grade per School (2014)

 Rpt-03-02-004 Schools offering grade 12     
 Rpt-03-02-005 Schools offering grades 3,6,9     
 Rpt-03-02-010 Enrollment matrix by grade, phase and band     
 Rpt-03-02-008 Enrollment trend by grade     
 Rpt-03-03-004 Staffing data   


  SNAP 2012 Enrollment per Grade per District    
  SNAP enrollment history 2007 - 2012    
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