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3d download

    • 2015-11-10 : Dear Colleagues
      Please note that 15.2.1 was released. (Thutong or  EMISECAPE Dropbox

      This was a corrective release . The following are fixed
      1. Educator absenteeism reasons
      2. Educator deployment for LURITS

      Please note that this release DOES not contain any updates for 2016.
      Your assistance in notifying the schools will be appreciated.

  • 2015-10-15 SASAMS Patch 15.2 is now available from Thutong  
  • Version 15.2.0 has been released on Thutong.


    This version contains the following functions and will improve the Sa-SAMS experience:

    1.    Learner, staff ID numbers

    • Include ID function for Immigrants: in the last 3 digits 08x is a SA Citizen, 18x or 28x is an immigrant with permanent residency
    • Orphan status updated


    2.    Curriculum

    • Improved curriculum speed -  calculation speed on average is now 1,5 sec.
    • Corrections on averages on Term schedules, corrected learner reports
    • Export mark schedule for capturing on other computers (Security on 16.13 has to be activated)

     1.Admin user exports the marks to excel (

      2. Teachers capture marks in excel

      3. Admin user imports the marks from excel (

      4. Teachers verify (and save) the marks (

    • Printing of more than schedule at a time (Security on 16.13 has to be activated)

                            1.Set and save “job lots”  on

                             2. Job lots can be per educator, per grade etc and is continually available


    • Previous years schedules available for all subjects on
    • Updated statistics on for all grades

    1.    Also Bachelor pass etc available on


    3.    Errors and Omissions available on 16.19

    Including a simplified curriculum coverage


    Version 15.3.0 will be released in November and will contain the updates for 2016 (Curriculum, LSM)

  • 2015-08-05 SASAMS Patch 15.1.0 now available from Thutong or the EMISECAPE Dropbox
  • 2015-05-18 SASAMS Patch 15.0.2 now available from Thutong or the EMISECAPE Dropbox
  • 2015-04-09 SASAMS Patch 15.0.1 now available from Thutong or the EMISECAPE Dropbox
  • Whats New in 15.0.1 Download or  EMISECAPE Dropbox
  • 2014-12-09 - SASAMS Version 14.4.1 has been released and fixes the Promotions issues. Available  in the SASAMS dropbox 
  • 2014-12-02 SASAMS Version 14.4 has been released and can be downloaded from Thutong  or the SASAMS dropbox
  • Important to note is that schools MUST DO THEIR PROMOTIONS FOR 2014 IN 2014, THEY CANNOT DO PROMOTIONS FOR 2014 IN 2015.
  • This document contains the following
    • A: CHANGES ON 14.4.0
    • A: Changes on 14.4.0
    • The changes on SA-SAMS v 14.4.0 are listed below:

      • Updates for 2015:
      1. 1.2015 term dates
      2. 2.2015 Programme of Assessment with all the new tasks.
        1. a.In Foundation Phase Math is changed to look like languages to print schedules similar to CAPS. All weights are according to instructions by DBE.
        2. b.The PAT and Technical Drawing can be captured in TERM 1, 2, 3 and the marks will automatically populate in Term 4 – but will not count for term marks if so specified by CAPS.
        3. c.Test tasks are automatically set as common for easy analysis as required by the provinces
      • Number of years in the phase:
      1. 3.“Years in Phase” can be changed/corrected per learner on Moduleor 3.1.1. New learners that progressed before can be indicated to update the analysis schedule on 12.9.17.
      • Promotion schedule & requirement updates:
      1. 4.All promotion requirements according to the assessment policy are updated on SA-SAMS.

      Due to reasons such as relaxed conditions / age cohort / number of years in the phase, the promotion status of a learner can be altered by changing the “NP” to “P”.

      1. 5.If in term 4 when “NP” was changed to “P”, the Learner report prints “Progress”  and not “Promote”. Individual explanatory comments can be added for the learner on General comments on 12.7.18.
      2. 6.On 12.9.17 the promotion analysis is changed to distinguish between promoted, progressed and failed learner performance.
      1. 7.On 12.9.18 Learners are listed that were progressed, failed or dropped out.


      • PROMOTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED IN 2014. SA-SAMS operates annually and therefore cannot process promotions in 2015 for the previous curriculum year.
      • Final promotions cannot be reversed.



      1. 1.Complete the promotion decision for 2014 on 12.7.18 and save.
      2. 2.It is advisable to make a copy of the school data base before you continue to promote the learners. SA-SAMS do make a backup copy prior to promotion.

      Step 2: To place learners in new grades

      1. 3.Final promotions are completed on Menu 3.19 (Process Learner Promotions).
      2. 4.Enter 2014 for the year to be processed.
      3. 5.If the school has captured marks in 2014 then proceed to 2. Process Learner Promotions.
        1. oTick at the bottom to confirm promotion decision.
        2. oClick on “Process promotions”  to place all learners in the new grades for 2015. (Remember this NOT reversible)
        3. 6.If no marks were captured,then the school need to do the promotion decisions for each learner manually on Optionas follows:.
          1. oClick on 1. Place Learners in New Grade andselect a class. All learners are not promoted by default. Tick in the box next to each learner to change the promotion status.
          2. oTo save the processing click on Save. Repeat the same process for all the learners. When this process is completed for all classes click on Done.
          3. oClick on 2.Process Learner Promotions to place all learners in the new grades for 2015. (Remember this NOT reversible)



      Step 3: Place learners in new classes

      1. 7.Select option 3. Assign new classes.
      2. 8.Select and click on a grade, then click on a class you want to assign learners to.
      3. 9.Select learners for the class by clicking on each learner or tick the box Select All to select all learners. The selected learners will move to the right hand box.
      4. 10.A counter is available on the bottom to keep track of the number of learners per class.
      5. 11.Learners can be taken out of the class by selecting the “<<” button.
      6. 12.Click on Save to save the class information. Click on Done to exit the screen.

      Note: In the first grade at your school there won’t be any learners unless you have repeaters as they would have progressed to the next Grade and learners who passed the last Grade at your school will be automatically archived only those who failed will remain.

      Step 5: Assign educators to register classes

      1. 13.On Menu 2.1 select and click on Assign Register
      2. 14.Click on the class, then on the educator and enter the class number.

      Step 6: Print summaries

      1. 15.Verify the number of learners, Educators and classes on 3.1.7
      2. 16.See SA-SAMS TIP no1 for all class list and class summaries.

      Step 7: Assign subjects to learners and subject teachers to

      1. 17.SA-SAMS upgrade the subjects of the learners in the same phase. Learners entering a new phase should be assigned new subjects on 12.1.15
      2. 18.Check for learners with no subjects, subjects with wrong grades.
      1. 19.On 12.1.16 assign educators to subject classes.


 1_How to install SA SAMS

 2_General Infomation SAMS Manual1 (7Oct 2009)

 3_Human Resource Information SAMS Module2 (7Oct2009)

 4_IQMS SAMS Manual2.1 (7Oct 2009)

 5_Learner Parent Info SAMS Module3 (7Oct2009)

 6_SIAS SAMS Manual3.1 (7Oct2009)

 7_Governance Information SAMS Module5 (7Oct2009)

 8_Standard Letter SAMS Manual6 (7Oct2009)

 9_Export Data SNE SAMS Manual 7 (7Oct2009)

 10_Financial Assistants SAMS Module8 (7Oct2009)

Training Videos for Financial Module can be dowloaded here (7zip is the compression tool)

 11_Curriculum Assistant SAMS Manual9 (7Oct2009)

 12_Physical Resources SAMS Manual11 (7Oct2009)

 13_Library SAMS Module12 (7Oct2009)

 14_Security Database Function SAMS Module13 (7Oct2009)

 15_Lurits Training Module Document




Completing the Annual Survey 2010 using SA-SAMS

Click here to download

SA-SAMS user manual and other related instructions:

Download the following parts of the user manual (Updated September 2009):

a) General school information module

b) Curriculum assitant module

c) Learner information module

d) Human resources module

e) Library module

Click here to download instructions to deal with staff attendance 

SASAMS forms:

 Download the educator form: Click here

Download the Learner form: Click here 

Latest SA-SAMS Patch 2010:

Current: Click here to download the March 2011 patch (March 2011 ver 11.1)



Learner Unit Record Information Tracking System (LURITS)

Schools with 3rd party software systems such as Progen, SADMIN, Saspac etc can upload their learner and educator data to LURITS by utilising a spreadsheet solution. This solution is only for schools that are not using SASAMS and is a interim solution.

 To download the spreadsheet click here:  Excel solution 



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